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O ur Projects

We utilize a new type of algae bioreactor, which was born from many years of experience in mass culturing algae.

In addition to producing rare ingredients in-house, we also construct mass culture facilities to meet the needs of all national, local governments, and companies that require the three fields of biotechnology.

By providing operational support, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society in a wider range of ways.

BIO-3 made possible by algae

RED-BIO Pharmaceutical / Health Field

Pharmaceutical raw materials : fucoxanthin, etc.

Supplement material : Astaxanthin / EPA / DHA / ARA etc.

Cosmetic ingredients : anti-aging ingredients, moisturizing ingredients, anti-wrinkle ingredients,

            UV protection ingredients, etc.


GREEN-BIO Fields related to CO2 reduction and food

Meat production feed

Seafood farm feed

Rare agricultural fertilizer

CO2 reduction : Directly convert CO2 to oxygen

IMG_1805 (1)_edited.jpg

WHITE-BIO Fields related to energy and chemistry

Biofuel production: New bioreactors enable

        Low cost biofuel

CO2 reduction factory   :  On-site adjacent to CO2 emitting companies

    Set up an algae factory to convert CO2 to oxygen on the spot


In this way, algae can play an important role in various industrial fields,
In order to achieve this, it is essential to develop inexpensive and effective mass culture technology.
With conventional culture technology, it has been difficult to respond to contamination, cooling of culture equipment, and climate change.

As a result of many years of technological development in indoor culture equipment, we have succeeded in mass-culturing rare microalgae that could not be cultivated until now.
It has become possible to bring a paradigm shift to various industrial fields.

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